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We’re all for ‘teaching people to fish’. At Sativus this means we empower those who create, manage and invest in science through the Sativus GEMS professional development courses. These courses are designed to help improve the skillset and capability of those working within the research, development, extension and adoption (RDE&A) sectors. The aim is to help them Grow, Evolve, Mentor and Succeed by teaching them essential skills.

Choose whether you want to boost skills in research design, science communication, project management, or personal skills (e.g. networking, collaboration, dealing with rejection), or all of the above! We have professional development ranging from self-paced online courses and short webinars, to bootcamps and multi-session, interactive workshops. There are professional development opportunities to suit every learning style!

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Don’t worry. Sativus also custom-builds packages depending on what you need. We’d love to know how we can help you.

Tailored Professional Development Program

The Sativus GEMS professional development program can be tailored to your organisation to increase the impact of existing education and skill building opportunities. Tailored GEMS programs are integrated into your organisation’s brand and modified to include training in various organisational research policies and procedures. They can be expanded to include career mentoring and pathways for industry careers. Learn more

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GEMS library

The Sativus GEMS library contains all the knowledge from across our GEMS professional development program. This includes:

  • GEMS resources and templates
  • Summaries of the key points from each of the 55 unique GEMS topics
  • Carefully curated content from around the world including articles, tools and recordings to help you learn skills, become aware, be inspired and find opportunities
  • Fun, interesting and inspiring content to help your mind take a break and generate insights

The GEMS library is also where you’ll find the content delivered through the RECESS fortnightly newsletter and monthly webinars. The Sativus RECESS program was established to give scientists a space to improve their insight. Aha’! moments (also called ‘insight’) happen when your brain isn’t focusing on the problem you’re trying to solve. ‘Aha’ moments lead to scientific breakthroughs.

For the sake of scientific advancement, scientists are encouraged to take a break from their day-to-day tasks and expose their mind to new ideas, concepts and people to stimulate insights.  

These resources are kept up to date and made available through the GEMS library for access whenever is convenient for you.

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We empower our clients to be the best they can be by supplementing their science skills through our professional development courses

Sativus Online Courses

The Sativus GEMS program has been established to help scientists be the best they can be. Being inefficient with science communication and project management takes time away from doing great science, creates stress and compromises the science itself, wasting resources.

Improving scientists’ ability to manage projects and communicate creates positive changes:

  • Financial benefits through improved risk, time, budget and staff management, and enhanced opportunities (including funding)
  • Increased scientific impact
  • Increased morale through better collaboration, cooperation and industry networking
  • Lightened workload and reduced stressors that come from improved efficiencies
  • Increased space for scientists to be creative and generate insights, which are needed for generating the next big idea.


The Sativus team is passionate about ensuring science is the best it can possibly be.