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If you’re involved in the management of a research program, you need to manage current investments to ensure value is delivered for stakeholders, manage expectations and failures, and ensure ideas being funded align to strategic goals. This can be complicated and overwhelming, especially if you manage a program with many current projects and receive numerous applications. Understanding which scientific proposals are those that will provide value is not an easy task. It can take a lot of work to sift through all of the detail and you need to be able to understand what’s being proposed and how this potentially aligns with organisational funding priorities, neither of which you may be an expert in. Good ideas can be rejected and poor ideas progressed if the research manager isn’t on their game.  This bootcamp is designed to be professional development that you only need to do once!

You will leave the Bootcamp with knowledge and tools you can apply immediately and forever.

In this Sativus Bootcamp you’ll learn:

  • the realities of proposal preparation, review and assessment
  • how to identify and manage biases
  • key governance requirements that need to be met for your organisation
  • how to ask the right questions and keep the end goal in mind
  • how to identify key risks and issues in a proposed scientific idea and avoiding duplication of investment
  • how to better plan for outcomes and provide value to end-users and investors, including identification of commercialisation/adoption pathways
  • how to generate a recommendation for a proposal and articulate feedback to the submitter

This Bootcamp is ideal for anyone working in a field or role that requires review, analysis and/or provision of recommendations for RD&E investment on scientific proposals/applications/tender responses.


  • Individual one-on-one session with the course facilitator
  • Access to the Sativus GEMS online Bootcamp course
  • An intensive 4 hour interactive virtual session
  • Feedback on your review and recommendations
  • Proposal review tip sheet resource to keep

What you need to bring:

  • A proposal that has been reviewed previously (don’t bring one that has not yet been reviewed as reviewing the proposal as part of this Bootcamp will likely bias your understanding and interpretation compared to other proposals submitted in the same round)
  • Organisational strategy/plan that outlines the funding priorities for your organisation or program
  • A computer with reliable internet access (i.e. maintain 4 hours continuous connection so you don’t miss any of the content)
  • A clear space to work, with minimal distractions

To maximise the value for participants, places are limited.