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Our 2022 membership packages offer an easy and affordable (how does a >75% cost saving sound?) way for scientists and research organisations to cover their professional development needs for the next 12 months.

We have courses and resources in fields running the full gamut of scientific projects – from research design, to stakeholder engagement, to project management, to communications.

We created these packages as an easy and affordable way for scientists and the organisations they work for to cover their professional development needs for the next 12 months.

Here are just a fraction of the topics we cover through our courses and other resources:

  • How to write a science grant application
  • How to manage science projects
  • How to write an abstract
  • How to make a science pitch
  • How to manage risk in science projects.

If you choose to sign up, you’ll end the year with an armful of new practical skills and be steps closer to becoming the best scientist you can.

2022 Membership Available Now


Our starter pack, containing access to selected webinars and curated articles to inspire you to become your best scientific self.
$ 0
  • Monthly Recess webinars
  • Fortnightly Recess e-newsletter


Perfect if you want to gain professional development and access to resources through our library, while you’re on a tight budget.
$ 270 Per year
  • Opal member benefits +
  • Access to Recess library (value $550)
  • Access to one workshop (value $490)
  • Access to member’s only expert webinars (value up to $300)
  • 20% discount to additional workshops during the year (value $98)
  • 20% discount to one online short course (value $70)
SAVE >75%


Our most comprehensive offering, including access to one of our short courses and individualised support.
$ 480 Per year
  • Emerald member benefits +
  • Access to one online short course (value up to $350)
  • 2 x one-on-one 1 hr support sessions (value $550)
  • 20% discount on bootcamps during the year (value $170)
SAVE >75%

RECESS by Sativus

The Sativus RECESS program was established to give scientists a space to improve their insight. Aha’! moments (also called ‘insight’) happen when your brain isn’t focusing on the problem you’re trying to solve. ‘Aha’ moments lead to scientific breakthroughs. For the sake of scientific advancement, scientists are encouraged to take a break from their day-to-day tasks and expose their mind to new ideas, concepts and people to stimulate insights.  

The RECESS program delivers free webinars and newsletters to give your brain the break it needs. RECESS webinars are run monthly and provide a 30-minute, high-level overview of any of the Sativus GEMS content. They are designed to be easily accessible to a broad audience, and to be viewed during a lunch break. The RECESS fortnightly newsletters contain articles, videos and fun things to do across a broad range of topics and require different levels of engagement depending on the interest of the scientist at the time of reading.

GEMS Library

The Sativus GEMS library houses articles, webinar recordings, GEMS resources, summaries and templates that are available to members whenever they need them. For example, scientists may not always need access to resources to support setting up a new project and undertaking risk assessments, but these resources are kept up to date and made available through the GEMS library for access whenever is convenient for the scientist.

Sativus GEMS Workshops

The Workshops are tailored sessions for large groups of people (> 7) to provide a high-level overview of key aspects of the Sativus GEMS program. They can be held over multiple, consecutive days and include interactive components to enhance the learning experience. The Workshops can be structured around content that is unique to your organisation’s specific needs or delivered as a foundational series. Workshops include:

  • Interactive sessions (minimum of 4-hours)
  • Supplemented discussions and activities in smaller groups to personalise the learning experience
  • Helpful take-away resources
  • Discounted access to the Sativus GEMS online courses.

Sativus GEMS Online Courses

Essential Skills for Scientists (ESS) is a series of self-directed online courses designed to help improve the skillset and capability of scientists, researchers and their managers who work, or plan to work, within the research, development, extension, and adoption (RDE&A) sectors. ESS provides approximately 20 hours of content from the Sativus GEMS professional development program and include handouts and resources. ESS can also be broken down into bespoke short courses specific to the needs of your organisation.

Sativus GEMS Online Short Courses

ESS has been broken down into short courses specific to different needs of scientists, researchers, and citizens. Short courses that are currently available include:

  • Science Communication
  • Science Project Management
  • Knowledge for Research Managers
  • Science Starters (targeted at high school students and citizens).

Sativus GEMS Bootcamps

The Bootcamps are designed to be an intensive, targeted, and tailored learning experience to improve, shape and refine skills that are critical for achieving a specific goal. They will rapidly increase the knowledge and skills of your team members by individualising the learning to each person and the goal they are currently trying to achieve. The Bootcamps can be based on any of the Sativus GEMS content and are tailored to your organisation’s needs. They include:

  • Two individual one-on-one sessions with the course facilitator
  • Access to the Sativus GEMS online supplementary Bootcamp course
  • An intensive 4-hour interactive session
  • Support in developing the relevant skills for those who attend
  • Helpful take-away resources.

Sativus GEMS Expert Webinars

Webinars are tailored, one-hour sessions for larger groups of people to provide a high-level overview of any of the Sativus GEMS program content. Depending on the needs of your organisation, multiple webinars can be bundled into a webinar series that can be delivered to your team over time.

Sativus GEMS Q&A board and one-on-one sessions

We recognise that sometimes scientists have questions related to their particular circumstance. Through the Sativus GEMS program, we offer the opportunity for scientists to ask quick one-off questions through the member’s Q&A board, for one of the Sativus facilitators to respond to. This offers direct contact with expert facilitators on a broad range of topics, and the question will be answered by the facilitator with the most relevant experience. The One-on-One sessions offer the opportunity for longer (up to 1 hr), direct engagements with Sativus expert facilitators. This may include supporting the development of, and reviewing, grant applications, reports or presentations, or issues with project establishment and management.

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