Essential Science Skills

Knowledge for Research Managers

Knowledge for Research Managers

Management of a research program means managing investments to deliver value to stakeholders, managing expectations and failures, and investing in ideas that align to strategic goals.  

The Sativus GEMS program is designed to be a targeted and tailored learning experience to improve, shape or refine skills that are critical for achieving a goal.

Improving skills to manage projects and communicate science effectively creates positive changes:  

  • Financial benefits through improved risk, time, budget and staff management, and enhanced opportunities (including funding)  
  • Increased scientific impact  
  • Increased morale through better collaboration, cooperation and industry networking  
  • Reduced administrative burden and stressors that come from improved efficiencies  
  • Increased space for scientists to be creative and generate insights, which are needed for generating the next big idea.  

The GEMS is accessible. 

The ESS course covers a broad range of topics from how to prepare a proposal, final report, presentations and data visualisation, building collaborations, networking and managing stakeholder relationships, to other tasks like preparing and implementing risk and communications plans and budgets. ESS is used as the basis for targeted, structured learning programs that are tailored to the needs of the scientist depending on their career stage.  

This ESS Short Course can provide you with the knowledge and skills to enhance your success as a research manager.  

If you’re involved in the management of a research program, you need to oversee investments to ensure value is delivered for stakeholders, manage expectations and failures, and ensure ideas being funded align to strategic goals. A main part of your role is understanding which scientific proposals are those that will provide value and opportunities. To minimise your administrative burden, it helps to easily understand what’s being proposed for new projects and how they can align with organisational funding priorities. Effectively managing new ideas, current projects and resources, ensures that you will always be a part of science that is impactful, successful and meaningful. 

Packages tailored depending on requirements: 

  • Access to online program, including tailored/bespoke options 
  • Fortnightly emails with handy tips  
  • Sativus supplies  
  • Course guide with resources and course tasks 
  • Online support (response within 24 hours)  
  • Review and feedback on completed online tasks 
  • Group classes, workshops and webinars 
  • One-on-one guidance/mentoring sessions 

Every scientist supported by Sativus through the GEMS program has benefited from developing these skills. This includes research managers, academics, students and those working in policy and government and the private sector.