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Key Concepts for Scientists - 18, 19 May 2022

Key Concepts for Scientists - 18, 19 May 2022

Being a scientist is one of the most rewarding careers. You will work on solutions to problems with real world application and impact. You will wonder why something exists or works and then expand on it to work out how to make things better, faster, more efficient, cheaper, more accessible or reduce negative impacts. Unfortunately, there are a few things that get taken for granted when working in any scientific field, or things you don’t find out until you’re in a position where you’re expected to do something. This Workshop will teach you the skills you need to do great science, by taking you through some key concepts that are necessary, but not traditionally taught to scientists.

What is a Sativus Workshop?

These Workshops are tailored sessions for large groups of people (> 7) to provide a high-level overview of key aspects of the Sativus GEMS professional development program. They are held over 2 half-day sessions and include interactive components to enhance the learning experience.

When is a Sativus Workshop useful?

A Sativus Workshop is useful when needing to rapidly improve a skillset in a short period of time. This Workshop is ideal for anyone currently working in science, wanting to expand their career, or are ready to start a science career.

What value can Sativus Workshops add?

This Sativus Workshop will rapidly increase your knowledge and skills through expert instruction and team-based learning using your own science as the basis for activities. You will build skills needed for a successful science career, such as building networks, career planning, dealing with rejection, science communication and project risk management.

This Sativus Workshop will cover:

  • The realities of being a scientist
  • Research ethics and integrity
  • Relationship building, networking and collaboration
  • Identifying career opportunities and pathways
  • Dealing with rejection and criticism of your science
  • Creating positive impact with your science
  • Science communication
  • Science projects and risk management


  • Two interactive, 4-hour sessions
  • Supplemented discussions and activities in smaller groups to personalise the learning experience
  • Key concept resources
  • Discounted access to the Sativus GEMS online courses.


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