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Science Communication – Write a Report - 4 May 2022

Science Communication – Write a Report - 4 May 2022

As a scientist, you are often required to write reports that accurately describe the work you have completed. The ability to effectively write your science reports in a way that people can easily understand, and follow, is an important skill that is imperative to successfully communicating your research to others. This Bootcamp will help you enhance the way you write scientific reports to increase the accessibility and impact of your science.

What is a Sativus Bootcamp?

A Sativus Bootcamp is designed to be an intensive, targeted and tailored learning experience to improve, shape or refine skills that are critical for achieving a goal.

When is a Sativus Bootcamp useful?

A Sativus Bootcamp is useful when needing to rapidly improve a skillset in a short period of time. This bootcamp is ideal for anyone working in a role that requires written communication of science as project reports.

What value can Sativus Bootcamp add?

Sativus Bootcamps will rapidly increase your knowledge and skills through individualised learning and understanding of the skills needed to write and structure an effective scientific report.

This Sativus Bootcamp will cover:

The importance of science communication
How to create accessible science
How to write an effective scientific report
Creating key messages for your science
Dealing with rejection and criticism of your writing
Report structures


Individual one-on-one sessions with the course facilitator
Access to the Sativus GEMS online Bootcamp course
An intensive 4 hour interactive virtual session
Feedback on your report
Scientific report writing resource
Sativus pack
Discounted access to the Sativus GEMS online courses.

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