Science Communications - Written - 16 March 2022

There is no point doing science unless the outcome is going to be used – and the only way that can happen is if you communicate your science and its results to those who need the information. The ability to translate your science into words that people can easily read and understand is an important skill that is imperative to successfully communicating research to others, including other scientists who may build on your work. This Workshop will help you enhance the way you write about your science, so that you can communicate it in a way that is impactful and effective.

What is a Sativus Workshop?

These Workshops are tailored sessions for large groups of people (> 7) to provide a high-level overview of key aspects of the GEMS by Sativus professional development program. They can be held over multiple, consecutive days and include interactive components to enhance the learning experience.

When is a Sativus Workshop useful?

A Sativus Workshop is useful when needing to rapidly improve a skillset in a short period of time. This Workshop is ideal for anyone working in a project management, research management or science communication role that requires stakeholder engagement in the written form.

What value can Sativus Workshops add?

This Sativus Workshop will rapidly increase your knowledge and skills through team-based learning and understanding of the skills needed to write scientific reports and abstracts in a way that your target audience can easily understand, access and use.

This Sativus Workshop will cover:

  • The importance of science communication
  • How to create accessible science
  • The who, what and how of written science communication
  • Creating key messages for your science
  • How to write science abstracts, reports and journal articles
  • The right time to communicate your science to the right people
  • Communication risks
  • How to deal with rejection and criticism of your science.


  • Two interactive, 4-hour sessions
  • Supplemented discussions and activities in smaller groups to personalise the learning experience
  • Helpful take-away resources
  • Discounted access to the GEMS by Sativus online courses.