Essential Science Skills

Write a Science Grant Application - 19, 20 October 2022

Write a Science Grant Application - 19, 20 October 2022

If you want a long, successful career as a scientist, you need to know how to prepare an effective grant application or proposal – knowing how to articulate and align your ideas with the priorities of those providing funding is a critical skill. Grants may be needed for external or internal funding from the government, not-for-profit and private sectors. While they may vary in length and scope, the basic principles are the same, and receiving grant funding is essential if you want a career as a research scientist.

What is a Sativus Workshop?

These Workshops are tailored sessions for large groups of people (> 7) to provide a high-level overview of key aspects of the Sativus GEMS professional development program. They are held over 2 half-day sessions and include interactive components to enhance the learning experience.

When is a Sativus Workshop useful?

A Sativus Workshop is useful when needing to rapidly improve a skillset in a short period of time. This Workshop is ideal for anyone working in a role that requires preparation of scientific grant applications.

What value can Sativus Workshops add?

This Sativus Workshop will rapidly increase your knowledge and skills through expert instruction and team-based learning using your own science as the basis for activities. You will build skills needed to refine your science project ideas and clearly communicate how they align with funding priorities.

This Sativus Workshop will cover:

  • The realities of preparing a grant application
  • Aligning your idea with organisational priorities
  • Clarifying and articulating the scope, proposed outcome and methods of your idea
  • Integration of risk management into your application
  • Answering reviewer questions in your application, before they’ve asked them!


  • Two interactive, 4-hour sessions
  • Supplemented discussions and activities in smaller groups to personalise the learning experience
  • Grant writing resource
  • Discounted access to the Sativus GEMS online courses.


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