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Time for RECESS!

‘Aha’! moments (also called ‘insight’) happen when your brain isn’t focusing on the problem you’re trying to solve. Scientific ‘aha’ moments lead to scientific breakthroughs. So for the sake of scientific advancement, take your lunch break!

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Wed 5 April, 12-12:30pm (AEST)

Preparing an effective scientific summary or abstract.

Read about dealing with criticism

If you engage in online commentaries with your science, this article outlines how to deal with criticism online. Click here

Watch what makes a good leader

Got 12 mins? Indulge in this engaging, quick, talk from Simon Sinek about ‘what makes a great leader’. Click here

Learn the basics of data visualisation

Whether you’re displaying data or preparing a presentation or report, the effective use of colour is crucial to getting your message across. Have a play with ColorBrewer 2.0 to get started.  Click here

Fun feeling like a spider

Ever wondered what the vibrations of a spider’s web sounds like? It’s beautiful!  Click here

Things to do

Let’s Deal with Imposter Syndrome!!
Saturday 1st May 2021 @10:00 a.m. – 11.30 a.m. AEST

Register for this FREE Masterclass NOW! Click HERE to book your seat!

Register for our Scientific Proposal Bootcamps

Knowing how to prepare a scientific proposal, and how to articulate and align your ideas with the priorities of those providing funding, is a critical skill for any scientist. More info

If you’re involved in the management of a research program, you need to manage current investments to ensure value is delivered for stakeholders, manage expectations and failures, and ensure ideas being funded align to strategic goals. More info

In case you missed it

In case you missed our RECESS webinar, ‘What it takes to prepare a winning grant proposal?’, the recording is now available online. Take your lunch break today and learn something new. Click here

*All information including events and links are correct at time of publishing.


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