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Time for RECESS!

‘Aha’! moments (also called ‘insight’) happen when your brain isn’t focusing on the problem you’re trying to solve. Scientific ‘aha’ moments lead to scientific breakthroughs. So for the sake of scientific advancement, take your lunch break!

Read about fake research publications

Paper-mills (fake journal article factories) are undermining the integrity of science (click here). Become a paper-mill detective and use these 20 ways to help spot fakes (click here).

Hear about procrastination

Listen to Tim Urban talk about procrastination using a cartoon monkey and a panic monster. Click here

Learn how to prepare an effective PowerPoint

NoBadSlides offers a list of tips on how to improve your PowerPoint design and presentations. Click here

Captivating science photography

Lose yourself in wonder with Nature’s best science images for March 2021  Click here

REGISTER NOW! Free monthly webinar

Wednesday 2 June, 12-12:30pm (AEST)

You will have a lot of ‘good’ ideas throughout your scientific career, but unfortunately, not all of them will be well received by others. This webinar will give you tips on how to refine your scienctific ideas to increase engagement and collaboration with others.

WinS (Women in STEM) session

Tuesday, 25 May 2021 9:30 AM-10:00 AM

Take some time out of your crazy, busy schedule for some personal development! These sessions are designed to be short and engaging, and provide you with opportunities to meet new people and build confidence in your abilities and in talking about your achievements – just a little bit of fun to start your Tuesday. Opportunities for Women in STEM in Australia are also curated and distributed to the group. The more the merrier, so feel free to forward the invitation to other Women in STEM so we can all celebrate their WinS together. 😊 Contact Kylie to join the list.

Things to do

The Australian Government has setup Star Portal to engage kids in STEM. It provides lists of STEM activities in your area  or that can be done at home. Click here

In case you missed it

Communication of your science is core to your science having impact, but most people only read the title and maybe the summary or abstract. This means they need to be engaging! Click here

Register for our Scientific Proposal Bootcamps

Knowing how to prepare a scientific proposal, and how to articulate and align your ideas with the priorities of those providing funding, is a critical skill for any scientist. More info

If you’re involved in the management of a research program, you need to manage current investments to ensure value is delivered for stakeholders, manage expectations and failures, and ensure ideas being funded align to strategic goals. More info

*All information including events and links are correct at time of publishing.


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