Recess By Sativus – 003

Time for RECESS!

‘Aha’! moments (also called ‘insight’) happen when your brain isn’t focusing on the problem you’re trying to solve. Scientific ‘aha’ moments lead to scientific breakthroughs. RECESS aims to help you take breaks to learn and explore new topics, ideas and content that will help you be the best scientist you can be. Enjoy!

Something to read

The numerous benefits to making your science open access and the global movement to improve society’s access to science. Click here

Something to watch

Have you ever wondered how big a bacteria can get before it’s no longer feasible to be a bacteria? Take 11 minutes to learn the answer. Click here.

Something to learn

Visual descriptions of text are incredibly powerful. Some key ‘good practices’ in preparing your figures.  Click here

Something fun

Try taking up the hobby of ‘soap bubble freezing’ Click here. If you want the science behind how it works, read this. Click here

Something to do

Developing key (science) messages. In case you missed our RECESS webinar last week, ‘developing key (science) messages’, the recording is now available online. Take your lunch break today and learn something new. Click here

REGISTER NOW! Free monthly webinar

Wed 10 March, 12-12:30pm (AEDT)

‘Risk’ doesn’t have to mean ‘risky’ delivered by Dr Kylie Hewson

*All information including events and links are correct at time of publishing.


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