ESSSC1B61 – Why we need to communicate science

There is no point doing science unless it’s going to be contributed to solving a problem. This lesson highlights the importance of communicating your science.

Please view the below video to start this lesson. After the video there will be:

> A downloadable lesson summary

> Downloadable reflection questions

“Not only is it important to ask questions and find the answers, as a scientist I felt obligated to communicate with the world what we were learning.”

-Stephen Hawking

If people don’t know about what you’ve done, if they don’t have that information, then they can’t use it. Knowing ‘why’ you need to communicate science puts you on the path to knowing ‘how’ to communicate science.

If you would like the one page summary for this lesson, click the link below to download it:

ESSSC1B61 Lesson Summary

Below is a link to download reflective questions on this lesson. These will assist you in knowing why science communication is important for science impact.

ESSSC1B61 Reflective Questions